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  • Lecture: "Diplomacy and its Discontents"
    04:00 p.m. - 05:30 p.m.
    Wednesday, April 22, 2015
    Georgian Room, Indiana Memorial Union (Union Building)

    Ambassador Feisal Istrabadi will present a lecture titled "Diplomacy and Its Discontents". The lecture is part of the International Studies Undergraduate Capstone Symposium.

  • Colloquium: "The Art of Dying Well -- Aesthetics of Violence in pre-modern Japan"
    04:00 p.m. - 06:30 p.m.
    Thursday, April 23, 2015
    University Club's Faculty Room, Indiana Memorial Union (Union Building)

    Professor Morten Oxenboll presents an examination of violence and poses two key questions: Can violence be beautiful? Can suicide be an expression of self-control? Most people would probably say no to both questions. When partisans of the Islamic State circula... Read More »

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